Retriever Training

Our Training Program Is designed to produce a very obedient companion and, at the same time enhance high performance. The end result is a two switch dog that has drawing room manners in the house and high enthusiasm along with excellent control in the field.

Field Training: Hunting dogs and Hunt Test dogs need more advanced skills due to the “extreme” retrieves that are part of any normal hunting day afield or under judgment at a Hunt Test. In our field program your pup will learn triple marked retrieves on land and water as well as the hand signals and whistle commands necessary to run blind retrieves but we don’t stop there.

Forty years of hunting has taught us that a retriever needs to know more than just retrieving so we also teach your pup to ride on a quad runner (ATV) so your trip into the dove field or out to the goose blind is uneventful. Your pup will also learn to work out of a boat and a pit blind or lay under a goose decoy until sent to retrieve. As many hunters enjoy upland hunting we will also teach your pup to quarter a field or ditch bank and flush any bird he finds.

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